Sunday, August 28, 2011

recent hotrod

This car's rear requires several layers of red to get the opacity needed for the under-the-canopy look.

It is challenging to add 3 layers of color to get this appearance - fire red is laid on heavily, orange-red is on top of that, and last, white is carefully blended on top.  No, it is not easy.

To get this lettering on this coke machine, I very much wanted to use a stencil.  It ended up being much easier to just use a piece of tape above and below where the lettering would go and then guessing about the spacing.  Also not easy.

Extra paint added (gives opacity).  It is hard to get this evened out.

The mix of paints for the car's back end

The current final version

Friday, August 12, 2011

lots of blending, finishing central car

Its been a learning experience - I've gotten better at blending layers of acrylics.  When you're blending acrylics it is still possible to do some blending with water even if the layer that you've just applied appears to be dry.