Monday, January 6, 2014

Sometimes you screw up and then you're free-hand painting things ( like I'm doing here with these fish).

This lavender hue is being put on quickly and will gel somewhat then I put on a dark charcoal shade on top.  Then I'm taking fingertips to it to make it look like splotchy coral.

I'm shading this fish before I ever put coloration on them.  The yellow I'm going to add is so translucent that you'll see all this shading.


  1. This is acrylic, isn't it?

    How are you going to make it translucent? Are you using some kind of medium to make it more like oil?

  2. Actually, um.. I used a too-strongly pigmented yellow and messed up. I've done this correctly before - by using an already thinned yellow hue and/or just adding water to the paint. I misjudged and put the strong stuff straight on. Now I think I'll have to sand them off the wall here and redo them. (sigh.....)